Advent History: Learning from Our Past

The Church of the Advent has a long and rich history, filled with real people walking in faith — sometimes stumbling, sometimes dancing! — as they seek to do God’s will. Started as a house church in 1855, the congregation quickly grew to one of the largest and wealthiest in Cincinnati. Like most mainline Protestant churches, it experienced declining membership during the late 20th Century; unlike many churches The Advent retained a sense of mission to the neighborhood and delight in worship that defines the congregation today. See below for a brief history of our church.

The history of Church of the Advent allows us to reflect on prayerful choices people made in the past about what this church should be and do. We are just the latest group in the story, and we can learn from how our ancestors responded to the challenges they faced. The series of bulletin boards, “Advent on the Edge,” tells about several moments in Advent’s history where individuals or groups devoted time, talent and resources to God’s work in changing times. We hope that our congregation today will enjoy and be inspired by what our ancestors accomplished.

Advent on the Edge: Stories about Outreach in Different Eras

Dr. Peter Tinsley (1870-1900)

Theology in Action: Newcomb Thompson and Phillips Brooks (1880 – 1920)

Women’s Work: 1870 – 1940

Jessie Kirkland’s Story: A Tale of Compassion in the 1920’s

Outreach to the Mountain People (1955-1960)

The 1960’s



History of The Advent (coming soon)

  • From house church to housed congregation: 1855 – 1870
  • The New Century — Growth and Stability: 1870 – 1910
  • Early 20th Century — A Patrician Congregation with a Heart for Mission: 1910 – 1945
  • After WWII — Commitment to the Neighborhood: 1945 – 1980
  • The Millennium — Continued Outreach during Population Decline: 1980-2010

More Resources (coming soon)

  • Page listing rectors and vestry
  • Page listing previous histories and resources (including our archive catalog)