Advent Stained Glass Windows

#1 The Nativity

#1 The Nativity


The stained glass windows in the sanctuary and chapel surround our worship with reminders of our faith — both Biblical and community.

The windows date from the 1880’s to the 1960’s, with most coming from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Donors included families wishing to honor their loved ones, the Women’s Auxiliary participating in the decoration of the sanctuary, Sunday School classes learning about their church, and the congregation remembering  their beloved rector Dr. Tinsley. The windows depict stories from the Bible, memorable examples of faith (particularly the women pictured in the chapel  windows) and theological truths.

When the congregation gathers for worship, the colored light streaming in illuminates our connection to those who have gone before and yet share our faith.

Using the links below, you can explore the story of each window, learning about it’s artistry, it’s Biblical or theological content, to whom it was dedicated and who donated it. The pages are organized by the artist/manufacturer. There is also a map showing the location of each window in the sanctuary and chapel.

#1: Nativity (Goodhue) — Tinsley Memorial
#4, 6, 7, 8, 13: Angel of Purity, Angel of Resurrection, Holy Family (Tiffany)
#9-11, 17, 2 & 18: Dorcas, Mary, Gentile Woman of Faith; Te Deum; Good Samaritan; Kingdom of Heaven; Beatitudes and Seven-fold Gifts (Connick)
#3, 5, 12: The Virtuous Woman, Victory, Music (Unknown)
#14, 15, 16: Teacher, Youthful Jesus, Healing Miracles (Heaton, Butler and Bayne)
#19, 20, 21 (Chapel): Mary, Ann and Elizabeth; Hannah and Ruth; Dorcas and Elizabeth (Whitefriars)


Diagram of Windows

Diagram of windows

  1. Nativity
  2. Beatitudes
  3. The Virtuous Woman
  4. Angel of Purity
  5. Victory
  6. Angel of Resurrection
  7. Holy Family: Joseph
  8. Holy Family: Jesus
  9. Dorcas, Mary and Gentile Woman of Faith
  10. Te Deum
  11. Good Samaritan
  12. Music
  13. Holy Family: Mary
  14. Teacher
  15. Youthful Jesus
  16. Healing Miracles
  17. Kingdom of Heaven
  18. Seven-fold Gifts of Holy Spirit
  19. Mary, Ann and Elizabeth
  20. Hannah and Ruth
  21. Dorcas and Elizabeth