Donate to Advent or Open Door Ministries


Donating to Church of the Advent:

This button will take you to NCS Services, a secure service. Just follow their simple instructions. You can make a one time donation or set it up for scheduled donations. You will receive a receipt and Advent We thank you for your offering.

Donating to Open Door:

Open Door Ministries: Because of God’s love, Open Door Ministry will support individuals and families to remain stably housed through disability income management and food assistance, while empowering them to do more with their lives. We also have a small cafe where folks can come in for coffee, socialization, and to charge their phones. We are a life-line for many people in our neighborhood. You can DONATE to OPEN DOOR through their website at

Donating: A Spiritually Healthy Way of Living Life

Financial Health: Walter Bruggemann was asked why he thought Jesus talked about money and giving generously. -In a nut-shell money is an important issue to be faced by each one of us, and “…if we can decide faithfully about that, we can probably decide faithfully about everything.” Jesus also lived during the time of the Roman Empire and empires are all about money- controlling markets and resources, maintaining a strong military, funding the central banks. Jesus was inviting people to imagine their life outside of the imperial rat-race.” Money seems to be the thing most of us argue about and/or worry about even if we have enough. Giving to a congregation reminds us that we are part of a community whose focus is not imperialistic, but service oriented.

Spiritual Health: Jesus asks his listeners why they worry about where they are getting their food and clothes from when all of nature shows us that God provides. We can’t say that Jesus doesn’t have the experience of being poor (as we define poor) for he also says to us, “The Son of Man has no where to lay his head.” (Luke 9:58). Jesus worked for his daily bread. He didn’t get wages for his ministry. Wandering teachers and prophets were often given donations or invited to meals. Jesus’ life was not one of impoverishment, but abundance.

Emotional Health: It is so easy to find oneself dwelling on the things that make our life difficult. Helping others allows us to forget ourselves for a moment and take stock of the blessings God has given us that we can share with those who have less than us. Trust me, there is always someone in worse shape than ourselves.

Community Health: There are a lot of hurting people in the world. Advent is a church that has always found it’s mission in helping others. On a typical Sunday morning it’s not unusual some neighbors coming in to our coffee hour to get a cup of coffee, a banana, or just conversation with our church members. We’ve helped new neighbors moving into apartments with some much needed dishes and pots and pans. We have a once a month community dinner for our neighbors. We have a food pantry that is open from 9:30 – 11:30 M-F (except holidays) to help people with groceries, resources, and community. We allow people who have no minutes left on their phone to use ours so they can take contact their doctors, case workers, or Social Security. We have neighbors who need to fax legal documents to the organizations that help them and they fax them from our office. We currently have a Summer Camp Reading Program that needs to support it’s head teacher. We have neighbors that come to worship with us on Sunday who do not have the means to support the church they love. Supporting us helps support those living in our local community.