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Donating: A Spiritually Healthy Way of Living Life

Financial Health: Walter Bruggemann was asked why he thought Jesus talked about money and giving generously. -In a nut-shell money is an important issue to be faced by each one of us, and “…if we can decide faithfully about that, we can probably decide faithfully about everything.” Jesus also lived during the time of the Roman Empire and empires are all about money- controlling markets and resources, maintaining a strong military, funding the central banks. Jesus was inviting people to imagine their life outside of the imperial rat-race.” Money seems to be the thing most of us argue about and/or worry about even if we have enough. Giving to a congregation reminds us that we are part of a community whose focus is not imperialistic, but service oriented.

Spiritual Health: Jesus asks his listeners why they worry about where they are getting their food and clothes from when all of nature shows us that God provides. We can’t say that Jesus doesn’t have the experience of being poor (as we define poor) for he also says to us, “The Son of Man has no where to lay his head.” (Luke 9:58). Jesus worked for his daily bread. He didn’t get wages for his ministry. Wandering teachers and prophets were often given donations or invited to meals. Jesus’ life was not one of impoverishment, but abundance.



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