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Hi. My name is Jason. I’m the new priest at Church of the Advent. I’m calling myself the espresso-priest, because I love coffee, and because I’m hoping you’ll see me around the neighborhood serving free espresso drinks as a way to connect with my neighbors and to embody something that I truly believe in, the generosity and love of God.

I, like you, have thoughts, opinions, and questions about many topics in the world we inhabit each day, and I’d like to share some of those with you. So, every Monday on this blog I’ll write about something that is germane to what we are experiencing as humans, as Americans, as Cincinnatians, and as members of the Walnut Hills community. I will never be the best writer or thinker on any subject, but what I can say is that what I write will be from a posture of authenticity and humility; and from a desire to promote equity, justice, and peace. Hopefully, you’ll requite and engage in the conversation—so we can learn from each other.

Thanks for checking this out, and I am excited to learn more about you, and from you.