Walking the Exodus Way

Walking the Exodus Way

The word “Way” is a familiar term for pilgrims of many faiths. There are the physical pilgrimages that people of faith make by walking. The physical aspect of walking through or to a sacred place helps the pilgrim connect; mind, body, and spirit, to a faith they feel connected to and strive to live out in daily life.

We at Advent will be preaching on Exodus every Sunday during that time. Our Wednesday Bible Study (10:30 am) has already begun to delve deep into the spirit of Exodus as we speak about our own personal Exodus’.

We hope you’ll join us in the journey, and share with us your exodus story. Blessings to you on the WAY.

The Point of No Return (No Turning Back) – The Rev. Deacon Charles Graves IV (based on Exodus 14:19-31) Sunday, Sept 17, 2017

There’s a point in our journey through life where there is no going back. It is a journey that was experienced in the story of Exodus, and a story that people are experiencing throughout the world right now. In order to live one must move forward. It is easy for individuals and congregations to get stuck in “the good ole days”. We get stuck out of fear and also because we don’t trust God to lead us. Today’s Exodus story is about God guiding and protecting a people in a journey that’s just beginning. At the end of that journey is a promise of abundant life.

Transformative Suffering – The Rev. Stacy Salles (based on Exodus 12:1-4) Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017

10th plague of Egypt In these last few weeks the world has witnessed how the disastrous aftermath of hurricanes bring neighbors and strangers together in unexpected and generous ways. It took suffering to transform the Hebrews into a special community of people called to a destiny of being a light to gentiles and a place where foreigners should be welcome (not that it got live out, but that was God’s purpose). Why must we wait for disaster to strike before reaching out to others. God calls the church to be a community of people that engages with neighbors and strangers before disaster strikes.


A Burning Bush, Passion, and the Need for Belonging – The Rev. Stacy Salles (based on Exodus 3:1-15) Sunday, Sept 1, 2017

A passionate young man, torn between two communities, finds belonging with a very passionate God. It is a story that reminds Christian individuals and communities that the only place they can find belonging is with this God of passion and in that relationship a reawakening of the purpose of the Church can burn with an unquenchable fire.



 The Radical Generosity of Three Women – The Rev. Charles Graves IV (based on Exodus 1:15-2:10) Sunday, Aug 26, 2017

Pharaoh has ordered all newborn Hebrew babies to be murdered. Three women take a risk of radical generosity. No-one knew he would become a great leader.  It’s a relevant story for those who walk the Christian Way as we seek ways to help our neighbors survive in a world full of struggle. (Please note, the midwives were Hebrew, not Egyptian).