An Adventure in Faith and Fellowship in Christ  


Welcome to Church of the Advent! We are a small congregation – lively, active, and diverse, LGBT friends welcome. We are welcoming, affirming, and intentionally engaged with and in our neighborhood. We have joined with other congregations in Walnut Hills to form a Faith Alliance whose main objective is to support children and their families in Walnut Hills. We have an OPEN DOOR MINISTRY that serves those in need of a safe place to get warm, charge a phone, grab a cup of coffee, get some groceries, and a payee program available for those who need help in that area.

Below are photos of our Advent folks working with Walnut Hills Faith Alliance as we work with Douglass Elementary School to provide an updated and working library.





Worship at Advent During Covoid-19: 

Rev. Stacy giving a sermon

Worship in Advent is cancelled, but Worship continues on Facebook

We will be doing Evening Prayer at 5 pm on Sunday’s through Advent’s Facebook Page. Why the evening? With as many congregations that will be using Facebook in the morning I (Rev. Stacy) wasn’t sure if Facebook could keep up. I’m probably off on that. Anyway, this is how we are going to try it and I will make updates as things change. You can see our Facebook page button below. Please click that and join us for Evening Prayer this Sunday, March 22, at 5 pm.

Yes, we are on Facebook. Click the Facebook button to get there.      facebook link

Your Sunday Offering – If your absent, but want to keep up with your pledge click  

Church of the Advent is located at 2366 Kemper Lane in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati Ohio.  Check the Location Page for a map.

Ways to Help Walnut Hills during Covid-19

If you have any canned (non-expired) or dry goods, toiletries, hygiene items, and such, that you’d like to donate we are happy to share them with Open Door Ministry and any folks that come to our door who may have missed the Open Door Food Pantry Hours. You can drop them off during office hours M-R 8am-noon, or call the church office to see if Rev. Stacy is in – 961-2100. If we aren’t in, leave us a message so we can arrange a time for you to drop off donations.

Listen to a Sunday Sermon 

Ongoing Programs at Advent

  • Open Door Ministries ( A huge part of Advent’s ministry to the neighborhood).
  • Advent Choir  with a new Music Director, Nia McKenny.
  • Advent is a part of the Walnut Hills Faith Alliance – Congregations working together to support Douglass Elementary School and their families.
  • Interfaith Hospitality is a welcome guest at Advent four times a year
  • We will begin our Community Dinners again in January. Served the last Wednesday of the month by Advent and other congregations or individuals that want a place to serve a meal to our neighbors.
  • LENTEN PROGRAM: Will be on Friday evenings rather than Wednesdays. The program will begin at 6:30 each Friday beginning March 6 and ending April 3. Participation can take place from the comfort of your home (using Zoom) or from the comfort of our Parish Hall. The program, called “Stories of God”, will be as follows:
    • Discussion around Biblical figures that talk about their experience of God.
    • Sharing the God stories you heard from other people (growing up, conversion stories, near death experiences, dreams, 12 step programs, etc.)
    • Sharing our own God stories.
    • Sharing stories that are about how whole communities experienced God.
    • Imagining the present and future God story of Advent and Walnut Hills as one Community.

Environmental issues – We’re working on being “Green”.

Old buildings can be environmentally unfriendly when it comes to wasting energy. It can also be a drain on finances. We are committed to being a “Green Congregation”. We are just one of the few Episcopcertified environmentally green churchal Churches that have been certified by Ohio Energy Power and Light. We are committed to continue finding ways to make our building even more environmentally friendly. Keep us in your prayers!


We are on mission of self-discovery as a community of believers. If you are looking for an open & affirming congregation that is rich in outreach to the community then Advent is the place for you. If you are a visual artist seeking a space to create big beautiful thought provoking spiritual experiences then Advent is the place for you. If you are a musician seeking a place to create a jazz mass, or any other form of creative sound worship Advent is the place for you. If you are looking for a place to explore growing vegetables and flowers in a small space then Advent is the place for you. If you want to help us get a beehive started then Advent is the place for you. If you love a diversity of people then Advent is the place for you. If you are just looking for a place to help make the bible relevant for you then Advent is the place

While we are a small congregation some wonderful things have already been taking place here. We hope that you will come be a part of the creative atmosphere. We are just beginning and Christ’s work is never done.